Sellent Equipment

New Baggers - MB Series - MB 9,000 / MB 10,000

The MB 9,000 and MB 10,000 models are fully equipped. The only options are for liquid or granular inoculant application, and an optional reversing fan to keep the cooling system clean.

Superior bag packing design
The Ag-Bag design is unparalleled in its ability to uniformly and consistently pack silage into bags. The Ag-Bagger s rotor is extra wide and positioned low. Bags are filled from the bottom up with the massive rotor pushing the silage back and up to maximize the fill and minimize the air. Silage in an Ag-Bag bag reaches the point of anaerobic fermentation faster than in other types of storage.

Awesome capacity
The Ag-Bag MB 9,000 and MB 10,000 makes bagging fast and easy. The MB 10,000 bagger can easily put away all the volume from two high capacity self-propelled choppers.

The MB 9,000 features a 9' rotor and a 12' tunnel.

The MB 10,000 has a 10' rotor and a 12' tunnel. A 14' tunnel extension for corn silage is also available.

Fill Ag-Bag bags up to 500 feet long
A 500' Ag-Bag bag with a 12' diameter stores and preserves up to
1,250 tons of silage.
A 500' Ag-Bag bag with 14' diameter stores and preserves up to
1,500 tons of silage.
(Bag volumes can vary based on density and type of silage.)

Bag Boom, Cradle and Bag Pan

The MB 9,000 and MB 10,000 baggers feature an on-board hydraulic crane that allows the operator to install both the tunnel extension and a new Ag-Bag bag.
The convenient bag cradle can be lowered by the crane to retrieve a new bag.
The bag pan is raised and lowered hydraulically, providing easy and fast bag installation. (see next photo)

Drive System
Large planetary final drive
Smooth multi-groove V-belts transfer power from engine to planetary

Operator Control Environment
The deluxe and spacious operating control center provides greater operator efficiency and lower fatigue during long days.

Low in cab noise level
Pressurized & filtered with air conditioning and heater
Windshield wiper
AM/FM stereo radio
Training seat
Stadium lighting
All controls within easy reach
Great visibility in all directions

Feed Table and Metering Beaters
The feed table folds hydraulically for transport or storage
High capacity endless feed table belt for long trouble-free operation
Feed table belt speed is computer controlled to keep the bagger operating at maximum capacity.

Two metering beaters above the rotor hopper are designed to provide constant even flow to the rotor.
The lower metering beater is driven by the rotor.
The upper metering beater is hydraulically driven. Its direction of rotation is controlled by the operator.

Massive heavy duty rotors
Rotors are designed extra wide to pack away huge volumes of feed more uniformly and with consistent density while eliminating air voids and putting more silage in the bag.

Anchor System
A dual anchor system allows the bagger to maintain a consistently packed bag. The anchors can be extended or contracted hydraulically to obtain the density required.

In easy view of the operator are gauges to monitor and help control the density of feed in the bag.

Ag-Bag bags have stretch gauge marks provided continually along the bag length to help ensure consistent packing.


Tunnel Clean-Out
A hydraulic swing-out panel sweeps out remaining feed for easy tunnel clean-out.

Inoculant System
Baggers can be equipped with applicators for Ag-Bag liquid or granular inoculants to initiate rapid and effective fermentation.


The MB 9,000 and MB 10,000 baggers were designed with safety in mind. 2-wheel air brakes and transport lights are standard. Machines can be folded to a transport width of 8.5' or reconfigured back into the bagging position in just minutes.

In bagging position, the machines have 4-wheel steering and 4-wheel air brakes.


Bagger Machine Setup
The MB 9,000 and MB 10,000 are equipped with a crane to install the Ag-Bag bag and tunnel extension with no need for another piece of equipment.

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